Saturday, January 15, 2011


Take me away, Calgon! Today, the latest issue of Travel+Leisure arrived, featuring "25 Romantic Dream Trips." The woman on the cover is standing on a private balcony of a room at the Shangri-La Hotel in Paris, France - where half of the rooms have Eiffel Tower views.
Chloe - my Bichon Frise - is wondering if I'm thinking - or rather day-dreaming - about going to Paris again. (It's only been four months since my first trip there.)

"Of course! Once," I say to Chloe, "is definitely NOT enough!"

Paris is the City of Light, and I enjoy reading my Travel+Leisure magazine next to a dish filled with glittery and glimmering Christmas tree ornaments. I'm reluctant to put them away just yet; I like the way they look.
Is it me or do the colors just meld into Valentine's Day? xoxoxoxox


Elaine Biss Designs said...

Such a pretty dish! Why put it away?? :)


I think the pretty ornaments are so much prettier off the tree than on. I have kept big bowls of Christmas balls around for months for their sparkle. I especially love them with candles near by that make them sparkle even more at night. I even like keeping the little white lights up somewhere in my home ... like little stars. Great idea about how well the carry over to Valentines Day. You're absolutely right.
Will have to go out and find that new mag....

M-T said...

I think we need to keep a little bit of Christmas on display year round to remind us of the Spirit of the Season no matter the Season.

I also have a bowl of beautiful Christmas tree balls on my buffet all year.

I vote for keeping them out, too.

Gigi Ewbank said...

What a lovely idea.

Cathy said...

I live for the days when my T + L arrives, too. And, of course, I skim to read the Paris stuff first.

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