Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Le Cœur From Limoges

From the time I was a teenager, and throughout my adult life, my mother has given me gifts in the shape of a heart, often pieces of jewelry. And not too long ago, my mother gave me this Limoges box. It is a heart within a heart.
I keep it on my dresser, and it is a constant reminder ...
... of my mother's love. My mother instilled in me the love of culture and fine things, including a desire to travel. It was she who insisted that I take up my pen pal's invitation and go to England for the first time at age 16. Twenty years later, I took my mother to England for her first time. The French word for heart is cœur. Now when I look at my lovely Limoges keepsake, I am also thinking of my upcoming trip to Paris. 

"The Limoges Hinged Box was invented in Paris in the early 1700's, and they were popular among the French aristocracy as snuffboxes."
- Rough distance in miles from Paris to Limoges: 215 miles or 345.94 kilometers
- Number of people I talked to about my upcoming trip to Paris today: five (my neighbor, my mother, my friend and her fiance, my fiance) PLUS all of you, however many of you are reading me today!
- Number of days until my trip to Paris: two ... and five months. I wait patiently, with all of my heart ~ de tout mon cœur.


Cathy said...

Bonjour, Cynthia. I'm also turning 50 this year. I will celebrate my big day in Venice (I think, also jonesing to see Tuscany). However, Paris is one of my two favorite cities in the world (the other is New Orleans). I went for the first time in 2007 and just fell in love. I've been twice since then, most recently this past Christmas. I blogged all about it at "Joyeux Noel, Ya'll."
I can't wait to read all about your adventures -- and relive the fabulousness here. Have a great time; I am so excited for you!

the Armchair Parisian said...

Even though I collect small boxes, I have never much cared for Limoge, but this little heart-shaped treasure is darling.

Artist said...

Great information about the Limoges. I love Paris and wish you great celebration there.

Elaine Biss Designs said...

Lovely find!!! Thank you so much for sharing that! I have a pen pal too, except I am a bad letter writer... need to write her more often!

Sabina said...

I think I should only refer to you as Cynthia while visiting your Paris blog! ;)

I love this post about your mom and the hearts and how she conveyed an appreciation of culture and travel to you!

Bon week-end!!

silvieon4 said...

When I met my husband, many many many moons ago, I gave him a Baccarat crystal heart and told him that before I would trust him with my heart he would have to take great care of the Baccarat heart. Well 33 years later, the Baccarat heart sits on his desk at his office, in pristine condition... so... I guess he did ok. :)
I have a small collection of Limoges boxes, including the one my engagement ring came with. Your mama` gave you a wonderful gift. You will love Paris. My last trip there i gained 10 lbs. All cheese, I lived on cheeses...

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