Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Des Chaussures

A trip to Paris should include LOTS of walking, and thus, you will need good walking shoes. So part of my planning for my upcoming trip to Paris is going shoe shopping. I found a great pair of walking shoes at Famous Footwear, called "Nella" by Naturalizer.

The shoe is a what I might call a sporty ballet flat ... featuring a cushy insole that provides comfortable support, with a rubber sole that gives ample traction for avoiding spills on slippery surfaces, should one encounter rain. The leather "strip" across the front of the shoe gives it a polished look, I think - in lieu of a fussy embellishment. The shoe is simple and practical. My new Nella shoes can be worn with pants or a skirt. With a skirt, I'll add black, dark gray or wine colored opaque tights.

Of course, as I have a slight shoe fetish, it would be nice to have another pair of shoes for my trip that are also comfortable but a little dressier for the evening. This is what I found...

... a pair of black, peep-toe pumps called "Lina" by LifeStride, also at Famous Footwear. These shoes are lightweight so they'll be easy to carry in my suitcase. Normally, I wouldn't buy these shoes due to their being a little sedate and somewhat frumpy, but for my trip, they'll be perfect because they have a bit of cushion inside, a non-slip sole, and a sort of "kitten" heel - all of which will make them very suitable for walking from my Paris hotel to the restaurants in the evening. I plan to wear these with either pants or a skirt - and add black fishnet hosiery to make the look more stylish!

On the plane, I plan to wear a pair of low heeled riding boots, so I'll have those as optional footwear when I arrive in Paris. I can always take my boots off on the plane and slide into my slippers, while I catch some serious zzzzzzzz's on my overnight flight - that is, IF I can possibly sleep. I may be too excited!

So ...
Des Chaussures for Paris? Check!

Just five months and nine days to go.

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Sabina said...

Cindy, I absolutely LOVE!!! your new blog. How wonderful and exciting!! Paris!! Fabuleuse!!

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