Monday, May 30, 2011

French Crown Jewels & Royal Tiara Cards

The surviving French Crown Jewels, principally a set of historic crowns now set with decorated glass, are on display in the Galerie d'Apollon of the Louvre, France's premier museum and former royal palace, together with the Regent Diamond, the Sancy Diamond and the 105-carat (21 g) Côte-de-Bretagne red spinel, carved into the form of a dragon. In addition, some gemstones and jewels (including the Emerald of Saint Louis, the 'Ruspoli' sapphire and the diamond pins of Queen Marie Antoinette) are on display in the Treasury vault of the Mineralogy gallery in the Muséum national d'histoire naturelle.
Do you love royal jewelry? The recent wedding in Britain put the world in a royal state of mind.
Honeygo Beasley Cards by Cynthia Maniglia
Honeygo Beasley Cards by Cynthia Maniglia

Honeygo Beasley Cards by Cynthia Maniglia
I've been making cards! Here are the royal tiara cards, based on actual Royal Wedding Tiaras from around the world.

Hope you had a royal kind of weekend!



I thought you were showing the real jewels and then after I read a little more carefully, I see that they are your cards. They are absolutely lovely and certainly a keepsake.
When are you heading back to Paris?

'LUSH' said...

Oh these are all so lovely! You are very talented! Gorgeous work!

Sabina said...

I just can't get over your amazing talent designing cards!! And the photo of you ~ soooo beautiful! ♥

The Armchair Parisian said...

These are so cute!

From the BBC series on Paris, Blood and Chocolate (Part 2 of 3). Enjoy!

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