Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Macarons or Pandora?

Macarons are lovely. And so hard to find in the states. I mean - the real thing. MAD MAC offers a wonderful way to get your Macaron fix. So, how about some Macarons for Valentine's Day? I get their emails so I thought I'd share this with whoever may be interested. You only have until the 9th to order if you want them for Valentine's Day...but you can order anytime.
OR would you rather have a Pandora bracelet for Valentine's Day? It's not French or Parisian but it is lovely ...

I am on a Pandora addiction. Here's my bracelet with beads from Christmas and my new Valentine's Teddy Bear and fuchsia heart. I wish Pandora made an Eiffel Tower charm!

Macarons or Pandora? I say ... both are nice.


Linda said...

I agree. Both ARE nice! Have you seen that Pandora now has other jewelry? I bought myself a ring while in Poland. We finally got a Pandora store here in town recently. Lucky for me it's at the other end of town. :)

Je m'appelle Cynthia said...

Yes, Linda - I did see the other types of jewelry that Pandora offers. I love the rings and pendants and earrings. Enjoy your ring! I want to go back to your blog and see if you posted a photo of your ring. I remember you talking about a ring you bought in Poland!

M-T said...

Tempting as they are, I think I have to pass over Pandora for macarons, my own little weakness.

Cynthia, you must be very busy w/your cards right about now. Happy Valentine's Day to you and all your lovely readers.

Hope to see you very soon.

parisapartment said...

Hmmm, do you have to choose? I say have both!!

KalenaNapua said...

As a baker, I have to chose the macarons. I just returned from Paris and the macarons are to die for. Wish I could have taken some back with me to the USA, specifically, Hawaii. I got my first taste of those little addictions after my visit to the Louvre. I bought a box and consummed it all by myself. Thank you very much!!

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