Monday, September 6, 2010

Mom Came Through

My mother isn't a rich woman, although she certainly does have "champagne taste." But she definitely is a woman of her word. Even though she's retired and has a very small monthly income, she always manages to find a way to put a little aside so she can give family and friends a special gift, and no matter how small the gift may be, it is always something thoughtful and from the heart. I guess you could say my mother is a good gift-giver. Lord knows we've all met some of the opposite - people who can't give a good gift to save their life.

Anyway, if you recall, from my first post, I told you how I gave my mother $500 when it was her fiftieth birthday. That was back in 1988. My mother used the money to pay for a trip to Mexico with a friend.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, my mom came out of the bank and presented me with an envelope. I immediately knew what it was! Inside the envelope were five crisp one-hundred dollar bills.

I have $100 earmarked for a special dinner we are having on the night of the 28th. And maybe something Hermes? I think something for me and something for my mom would be nice ...

Hermes cashmere shawls |
Until Paris.


Linda said...

Awww that's so sweet! Are you celebrating your birthday while in Paris? I mean does the date fall during your trip?

Je m'appelle Cynthia said...

Linda, no - it was actually in May. My mom's gift was a little belated ... : )

Would have been nice to have a birthday party in Paris - maybe I still can? Is four months later too late?


Anonymous said...

Take flipflops but only for the shower. A college girl broke her flipflop and ended up barefoot, so beware kids!
My daughter went with me to Paris for my birthday, 80th, and tho it was slow walking around I saw as much as I wanted. I admit it was my 10th over the years, some short & some long, sigh.
I love your mother and her sweet gesture, enjoy this trip.

Je m'appelle Cynthia said...

Anonymous -

I've got the flipflops packed and plan to use them only for the shower.
That's so nice that you and your daughter enjoyed Paris for your 80th birthday ... lucky you to be able to go there more than once!
Thanks for your kind words and advice.


Sabina said...

Cindy aka Cynthia! What a lucky girl you are to have a mom like that and I'm sure she feels just as lucky to have you too!!

I've been keeping a mental countdown of your trip to Paris - swoon! Only eight more days - "Oh mon dieu!" Where did the time go?

Have a very wonderful trip!! I'll be thinking of you sitting by the river Seine - soaking up all that beautiful French culture!! xx's

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