Friday, June 4, 2010

Using Credit Cards in Paris

Read this article that appeared in yesterday's USA Today newspaper ... and find out why it may be a problem to use a U.S. bank-issued credit card in a foreign country. (Click on article twice to enlarge.)

My tour guide for my upcoming trip to Paris suggests notifying the bank that issues your credit/debit/ATM cards that you will be traveling to Paris and will be using your cards during the dates of your trip. Sometimes banks require a certain minimum balance in ATM Accounts and you can make sure to fund your account before your departure date to avoid hassles. My tour guide says ATM service is the easiest and usually the cheapest way to obtain money while in Paris/France. And ATMs have limits. You may be able to increase your ATM limit during the time of your trip.

Thanks again to all of your for your birthday wishes.
Being fifty feels fine, especially with a fabulous trip on the horizon!

Until Paris ... 


Cathy said...

I'm just a few months behind you, girl! Thanks for paving the way with such fun and style. Growing older can be an adventure as long as you always leave yourself something to look forward to. This philosophy has served me well. Looks like it's working for you, too.

Anonymous said...

We figured out how much we will need for our Paris trip, ie hotel, meals, misc., for the 4 days before we leave via Eurstar to London. We exchanged dollars for Euros and will use that and use the excess left for souvenirs. Ditto for the pounds but we have friends who will play banker for us as they need dollars for their trip to the US. Don't forget, your credit card will not only charge you for the exchange, Euros to dollars but back to dollars again PLUS another charge for the trouble! That's how they make money. Out-smart them and do the exchange before you go while the exchange is in your favor. Have a wonderful time and keep a daily diary plus free paper souvenirs in little plastic bags.

Elaine Biss Designs said...

Very clever!! I still can`t get over how awesome it`s that bra wallet you pointed out to us!!!

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